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You might be on mute...

Nope, doing my laundry.

Pushing Boundaries

Going beyond your limits, pushing yourself and stepping over your shadow all seem very commendable aspirations. While there are occasions where this is the intended meaning, the more common us of this term is to ask someone to commit to a goal that is not achievable due to constraints outside their control. The underlying "you're not trying hard enough" message will typically force the recipient of such a message to commit to unrealistic goals, particularly when facing senior managers.

The problem has been resolved...

Not sure how, but I'll take credit for it anyway.


States the obvious 'Yes or No' at a very basic level. But more than often this is used as a tool to cut out noise. The underlying suggestion here is to keep things simple and often comes from individuals that do not want to be bothered with the details.

I will get back to you

You will never hear from m

Ping me

Translation: Get back to me now! You were most likely on a call and if the ping came from someone who has any say in your future, bonus or promotion you better excuse yourself from whatever piddling task you're engaged in. The creative reference to submarine sonar technology or in more recent days network technology doesn't mean that this will be a short ordeal, so you might as well cancel your lunch.

Feel free to jump in

Help me!

Let's do this

You do this