Corporate Dictionary Add a New Term

What's your timeline?


I'm trying to figure out when I'm supposed to come into the picture.

Did you get your Vaccine?


Just looking for some sympathy and talk about my sore arm...

Let's See What Sticks


See what works. Coming from the idea of throwing pasta against the wall and see it it sticks or if it needs more cooking. But the corporate metaphor is often a call for new ideas when there is no viable plan forward or everything else has failed.

Task Force


When things go wrong and there are no obvious solutions, a task force is assembled from people with relevant skills. They will relentlessly talk about the problem every day to underline the criticality. Most members of a task force are managers who ask all the questions, plus one subject matter expert who is providing answers while trying to get back to work and solve the actual problem.

Do more with less


In short, be more efficient. This is typically used when budget and resource cuts put a big question mark on current targets. In order to uphold these objectives despite the challenges, you are asked to 'do more with less' or in other words, work harder.

So just to clarify


Seeking clarification is always a good thing, but there is a good chance that it means "you made absolutely no sense". You will get instant confirmation of your deficiency if all eyes turn to you. Otherwise all those who think they 'got it' will turn to lecture the inquirer... unless he's your boss.