Corporate Dictionary


It is important to recognize diversity as a value that should be respected, rather than just a marketing tool. It should represent an understanding of different perspectives and views that come from life experiences and cultures around the world.

Kick it in the long grass

For anyone who isn't familiar with the phrase "kick it in the long grass," it's a real gem of British sarcasm. It means, quite simply, to ignore a problem and hope that it goes away on its own.

Boiled down

Boiled down? More like dumbed down so even the most novice of us can follow - because clearly, having to think too much is such a bother. You'd be surprised how often such "boiled down" versions don't even make any real sense!

We have to look at it case by case

Ah yes, the classic article of procrastination: "We have to look at it case by case". This is code for meaning we don't know the answer and can only stall for time until a plausible response presents itself. A modern day mantra that all too many of us are familiar with.

Couldn't agree more...

"Couldn't agree more" is the go-to response of people who don't actually agree but don't want to start an argument. Let's save ourselves the hassle and just be honest with each other - it's not that hard, I promise.

Have a Good Weekend

Friday, 5.20pm: No rush for the slide changes, just have them ready first thing Monday morning.

We need to continue down this path

Does anybody know where we're going?

We work for people, not organizations

The bane of your existence.